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Polyprint Starter Kit


The starter kit includes everything that is needed to start your production immediately. It includes 250ml of each CMYK color, 250ml cleaner, 1 liter of white ink, 1 liter of pre coating for dark, 1 box of protection paper and 1 wagner spayer. The amount of the inks and consumables offered can be used to print either 1000 light colored garments of 300 dark colored garments (A4 size in medium resolution).


The application of the pre coating liquid is required for printing white ink on dark colored garments. The pre coating process can be done either manually with the wagner sprayer (which is included in the “Starter Kit”) or automatically with the Pre Treater III. For the fixation and drying of the ink, in order to ensure excellent washability, you need either a heat press or dryer. The protection paper (which is also included in the “Starter Kit”) is used with the heat press. It helps you achieve more matte results in the color of the print and flattens the fabric fibers down allowing the ink to penetrate better in the fabric