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Knowledge Base

Direct To Garment Printing

Direct to garment printing this the using of inkjet technology couple with special ink to print directly onto textiles or garments. In this video we will show to the full process of printing on dark colour t-shirt

Inks used in DTG Printing are water based ink.

For printing on dark coloured or black garment, we would recommend using PNG or Tiff file with transparent background at 300DPI. For printing on light coloured or white garments PNG, Tiff and JPG are all suitable.

DTG Curing

DTG printings need to be cure at high temperature to ensure wash fastening. For printing without white base we would recommend curing with heat press at 170 c for 90s. For printing with white base we would recommend curing with heat press at 170 c for 180s. You might need to adjust these timings if the humidity  is higher.

DTG Pretreatment Application

The following 4 steps will ensure consistent results with your white ink printing

1. Fill your pretreatment machine or Manual sprayer with Firebird pretreatment. 

2. Target between 16.5g to 22.0g of pretreatment per 14″ x 17″ print area.

3. Set your heat press temperture to 166 c with medium to heavy pressure.

4. Heat press the pretreated area until dry, usually it takes around 60s. Tip : if it is dry the parchment paper should fly off the t-shirt when the heat press is opened. If you have to peel the sheet off – it is not dry enough, continue heat pressing at 15s intervals until fully dried and cured.

You can start your printing now after following the above 4 steps.


Direct To Garment Troubleshooting

When white ink is not white enough, it might be due to the following problems,

1. Pretreated T-shirt is not being cure properly – try curing with a long time

2. Not enough pretreatment is apply – use weighing machine to determine the amount of pretreatment applied

3. T-shirt is chemically treated – some t-shirts are chemical treated – try using a different brand of t-shirts

TexJetPlus Advance Maintenance

In this video we will show you the simply and easy daily and weekly maintenance needed for Texjetplus Advance printer